Kobzarska Sich is a summer musical experience devoted 
to learning the bandura and Ukrainian choral music. Kobzarska Sich is held at 
All Saints Camp in Emlenton, Pennsylvania 



Emlenton, Pennsylvania

Kobzarska Sich offers the following bandura and vocal programs:

Bandura Course - - August 2 - 16, 2014 
Ukrainian Sacred Music Workshop - - August 6 - 10, 2014 

See detailed program information below along with registration form link at the bottom of the page.



Founded in 1979, Kobzarska Sich unites bandura players from all over to learn and share more about bandura and its unique art form. Over the years, Kobzarska Sich has diversified its programming to encompass the rich traditions and sounds of Ukrainian choral music. Kobzarska Sich is offering the following programs this year:

Bandura Course (BC)

Ukrainian Sacred Music Workshop (USMW)

Kobzarska Sich is held at All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Camp in Emlenton, Pennsylvania. All Saints offers over 90 acres of pristine beauty in the Allegheny Mountains. The camp's facilities include volleyball courts, a swimming pool, 10 cabins for participants, a Millennium Cultural Center with housing and classrooms, and an activities pavilion, tennis and basketball courts, an infirmary and nature trails. All Kobzarska Sich participants are housed on the grounds of All Saints Camp in either cabins or in the Millennium Cultural Center.

Instructors will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for additional instructional staff announcements.



Bandura Course August 2 – 16, 2014
This two-week course focuses on over seven hours of daily group instruction in: the technique of playing bandura, bandura history, solo and ensemble playing and singing, music lectures, elementary music theory (as needed). There will be free time for sport, swimming, and relaxation.

This course is designed for teenaged children (12 and older) and adults of all ages.


Ukrainian Sacred Music Workshop August 6 – 10, 2014

This four-day workshop provides an opportunity to sing sacred works by Ukrainian master composers and provides practical pointers for church singers, cantors, and conductors alike relative to common areas of church singing. Listening lectures will open up many hidden aspects of sacred music tradition. There will be free time for sport, swimming, and relaxation.

This workshop is designed for older teenagers (ages 15 and older) and adults of all ages.


In Memory of Eugene Ciura and Monica Pearson Romaniuk


Eugene Ciura was a long time member of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus (UBC) and conductor of the St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor choir in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Ciura’s involvement with the UBC started in Ukraine before the UBC immigrated to the United States.  Ciura was one of the original 17 members of the UBC tat made it to the United States in 1949.

During his distinguished time with the UBC, Mr. Ciura was a featured soloist and assistant conductor. Mr. Ciura was involved with bandura youth ensembles in Detroit, and was also the artistic director of the summer Bandura Camp in London, Ontario.  In addition to holding the position of church choir conductor at St. Vladimir’s, Mr. Ciura also organized and taught a youth bandura ensemble in Windsor.

Mr. Ciura passed away in 2001.

Monica Pearson ROMANIUK first heard a recording of a bandura when she was a teenager and asked her father what it was. Her father told her that it was a bandura and it was too difficult for her to learn. Monica took this as a challenge and got a bandura and had lessons. One day she was playing at home when her father came in and heard her. He asked "What is that?" Her reply was "Oh it is the Bandura, remember the instrument that was too hard for me to learn".
In 2002 Monica decided to attend Kobzarska Sich to learn more about the bandura. At the registration table she met a Canadian, Orest Romaniuk who also decided to attend the camp. After two more trips to Kobzarska Sich in 2003 and 2004 with Orest and some long distance dating, Monica and Orest were married August 19, 2006 in Chicago.

Monica lost her 21 year battle with breast cancer on October 19, 2011.

Kobzarska Sich will offer three partial scholarships 
for theBandura Course.

The scholarships are made possible due to a collection of donations that were made in memory of Eugene Ciura and Monica Pearson Romaniuk. Scholarships are valid for Bandura Course only.

To apply, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Write an essay as to what you plan to do with your bandura studies after Kobzarska Sich 2013 and why Kobzarska Sich should choose you as a recipient.

  2. Submit a cover letter with your contact information (full legal name, address, phone, email and any other pertinent information).

  3. Have two letters of recommendation sent to the KS Administrator.

  4. Submit via email at ks@bandura.org or send to: Kobzarska Sich c/o Anatoli Murha 309 Huntingdon Pike, Apt. BRockledge, PA 19046.

Scholarship packages are due by June 20, 2014.



April 21, 2014



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