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Bandura Education

Bandura Camp "Kobzarska Sich"

Founded in 1979 by Hryhory Kytasty, Kobzarska Sich bandura camp has trained two generations of bandurysty and singers from across the globe. Kobzarska Sich (KS) alumni can be found all over the world: from Ohio, to Japan, to Kriachkivka in Ukraine, Sich’s students have shared the bandura with audiences all around the world.

The flagship two-week bandura course focuses on high-caliber music instruction in bandura groups and elective courses. Featuring artists from all over North America, the program is designed to engage students and develop their techniques in a fun, social environment.

Kobzarska Sich also features a one-week Choral Workshop, in addition to programs for more advanced instrumentalists, like the Bandura Fellowship.

KS is held every August in Emlenton, Pennsylvania, at the All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Camp. Learn more about our programs at

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