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The Brotherhood Concert Series was a collaboration of the Detroit-based Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus (UBC), under the direction of Oleh Mahlay, and the Winnipeg-based Hoosli Ukrainian Male Chorus, under the direction of William Solomon. Two concerts were presented: one in St. Catharines, Ontario on Friday, September 21, 2012 at the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria, and one in Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at Ryerson Theatre.


The repertoires of both groups cover an incredible breadth of Ukrainian choral and bandura music, and include compositions and arrangements from an illustrious list of the most renowned musical talents of Ukraine and North America. Featuring works by names like Bortniansky and Lysenko and Kytasty, and especially the poignant lyrics of Taras Shevchenko, the combined music libraries of the UBC and Hoosli paint a rich tapestry expressing Ukraine's history and culture through music. Every time a song that tells of the legacy of the Ukrainian people is sung by Hoosli or the UBC, each man's voice spiritually joins the brotherhood of those great icons of Ukrainian culture. Through brotherhood, we can all share these unique songs with you and pass on the great gifts of Ukrainian culture and history from generation to generation.



  • ACROSS THE BROAD FIELD (Через поле широкеє)
  • CHRIST IS RISEN! (Христос Воскрес!)
  • CHERUBIC HYMN (Херувимська пісня)
  • THE BLACK CLOUD RISES (Чорна хмара з-за лиману)
  • THREE KOZAKS RODE IN (Їхали три запорожці)
  • HARVESTERS ON THE HILL (Гей на горі там женці жнуть)


  • THE SINGING FOREST (Ой дівчино, шумить гай)
  • THROUGH THE ORCHARD (Садом, садом кумасенько)
  • UKRAINIAN DANCE SONG MEDLEY (Танкова в`язанка)
  • SONG OF KOZAK NECHAY (Козак Нечай) - O. Koshyts
  • CARPATHIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS (Карпатські січовики)


  • PLAY, BANDURA, PLAY (Грай, бандуро, грай)
  • IN THE EVENING (Вечір надворі)
  • GOOD EVENING, MY LOVE (Ой гиля, гиля)
  • THE MIGHTY DNIPRO (Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий)
  • MANY YEARS (Многая літа)

Brotherhood — Братсво

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