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Enchanting the World since 1918

Driven by passion, tradition, and history, the all-male Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus preserves and exemplifies its mission as ambassadors of Ukrainian culture, music, and the unique 60-stringed instrument, the bandura.


Since it was first formed more than a century ago, the UBC continues to make history with ongoing international concerts, a continued education program for youth, new recordings, and new talent. Intense passion unites our members in the common goal of extending and building on the tradition of our predecessors, the kobzari.

Bandurist Chorus And Our Music

Fortified by new generations of  musicians, the ensemble has captivated audiences in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and Ukraine since immigrating to North America from Europe in 1949.

The Bandura

This unique instrument's turbulent history of persecution and resurrection mirrors the history of its homeland, Ukraine.

Bandura Education

The future of the bandura can be a bright one only if we work to ensure that younger generations experience the instrument's charm, technical versatility, and musical depth.

Concert Announcement
Все Буде Україна! - Ukraine Lives!
April 19th & 20th, 2024
Bandura-Ukraine Lives-Spring 2024 Initial Save the Date-V4 (1).jpg
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