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Musicians of the UBC volunteer their time and talent for the mission of the ensemble. The UBC has been traditionally based in the Metro Detroit area since 1949, however the group is composed of talented musicians from throughout North America, including Alberta, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Manitoba, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC. Musicians travel on weekends to rehearse for up to 12 hours over two days. Our ensemble includes doctors, lawyers, students, engineers, multiple business professionals, retirees, and entrepreneurs—all of whom share a passion for Ukrainian music and the bandura. One of the most interesting aspects of the ensemble is its age diversity. Members range in age of 18 to 70.

Performing Ensemble
for the
2023–2024 Concert Season


Roman Beley — Toronto, Ontario
Nick Deychakiwsky — Detroit, Michigan

Marko Farion — Detroit, Michigan
Nick Hladio — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Arsen Krok — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Luke Lashchuk — San Diego, California
Victor Lishchyna — Toronto, Ontario

Kyrylo Mahlay — Cleveland, Ohio
Taras Mahlay — Cleveland, Ohio
George Metulynsky — Windsor, Ontario
Anatoli Murha — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mykola Murskyj — Washington, D.C.

Alex Schidowka — Cleveland, Ohio

Michael Serdiuk — Detroit, Michigan
Joseph Tobianski — Detroit, Michigan
Stephan Zaets — Boston, Massachusetts



Bohdan Balko — Yonkers, New York

Theodore Bodnar — New York City, New York

Zenon Chaikovsky — Cleveland, Ohio

Yarema Hryciw — Scotts Valley, California

Roman Marchyshak — Somerset, New Jersey

Petro Tarnawsky — Edmonton, Alberta

Lubomyr Yakimiv — Cleveland, Ohio


Zenon Krislaty — Cleveland, Ohio
Vasyl Grabovyy — Syracuse, New York
Roman Jakubowycz — Cleveland, Ohio
Nazar Kalivoshko — Cleveland, Ohio
Andrij Shrubowich — Cleveland, Ohio
Vasyl Troyanovych — Syracuse, New York

Victor Yurchenko — Detroit, Michigan


Yuri Broda — Mississauga, Ontario

Andriy Hladyshevsky — Edmonton, Alberta
Joe Kolodka — Akron, Ohio

Ihor Krislaty — Cleveland, Ohio
Ihor Kusznir — Philadelphia Pennsylvania

John Kytasty — Detroit, Michigan

Michael Labay — Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stephen Szyszka — Washington D.C.
Fedir Yasnowski — Youngstown, Ohio

Roman Yatskiv Cleveland, Ohio


Alexander Hryndzio — Winnipeg, Manitoba

Yuriy Kmiotek — Cleveland, Ohio

Sam Kostiuk — Edmonton, Alberta
Hrytz Maluzynsky — St. Albert, Alberta
Vasyl Maluzynsky — Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mykola Schidowka — Cleveland, Ohio
Oleh Zmiyiwsky — Red Deer, Alberta


The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus (UBC), recipients of the prestigious Taras Shevchenko Prize for Artistic Achievement awarded by Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers, schedules auditions for male vocalists or bandura players interested in becoming members of the Chorus.

In order to achieve even higher goals and greater artistic excellence, we are looking for qualified and dedicated musicians to join the ensemble as we write the new chapters in the rich history of the bandurist brethren. The UBC is also looking for singers and bandurists who have the potential and dedication to be part of this unique ensemble that is more than just a singing group. We are committed to the development of young people who have an interest in improving their musical skills while working with the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus once they pass the audition process.

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