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We invite you to take a piece of our music home with you. You can purchase our recordings below, or by sending an email to merchandise (at) The recordings listed below represent some of the most recent work by the ensemble in addition to our Legacy Recording Series.


The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America (UBC) has a rich legacy of audio recordings in North America dating back to 1950. Since then, the UBC has released over 40 albums, cassettes, and compact discs. These recordings represent a diverse repertoire recorded live, in-concert and in-studio over the span of multiple decades. In the year 2018, the UBC celebrated its Centennial Anniversary. As part of our Legacy initiative, we have preserved these historic recordings in digital format to commemorate the UBC’s rich history and to inspire future generations of bandurists and musicians for decades to come.


To purchase albums in digital formats, please visit Our Music.


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