The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus' governing bodies uniquely work together in order to fulfill its mission. The Executive Board works with administrative issues while the Artistic Council concentrates on artistic planning. Together, they work in order to plan concert tours, recordings, workshops and other Chorus matters. The members of the Executive Board and Artistic Council are made up from the ensemble, and also volunteer their time in these efforts.


Artistic Director and Conductor ex officio — Oleh Mahlay

President ex officio — Wolodymyr Babicky

Concertmaster ex officio — Andriy Birko

Member — Ihor Kusznir

Member — George Metulynsky

Member — Taras Zakordonsky


President — Wolodymyr Babicky (Toronto)
1st VP — Bohdan Pryjma (Detroit)
2nd VP — Danylo Smolilo (Chicago)
Secretary — Theodore Bodnar (New York)
Treasurer — Anatoli Murha (Philadelphia)
Starosta — Joe Kolodka (Cleveland)
Archivist — Mykola Murskyj (Washington, D.C.)
East Coast filia representative — Stephen Zaets (Hartford)
Eastern Canada filia representative — Wolodymyr Brechun (Toronto)
Detroit filia representative — Peter Wroblewski (Detroit)
Cleveland filia representative — Nazar Kalivoshko (Cleveland)
West USA filia representative — Michael Kostkowskyj (San Francisco)
West Canada filia representative — Andrij Hladyshevsky (Edmonton)
Syracuse filia representative — Vasyl Troyanovych (Syracuse)
Member At Large — Wolodymyr Murha (Detroit)
Member At Large — Ray Beley (Toronto


The UBC is a North American choral and instrumental ensemble dedicated to preserving the Ukrainian musical tradition and the art of the bandura.

To contact us, please write to president (at)


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