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Thank you for your interest in booking the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus. Given the unique nature of having members reside all throughout North America, we highly recommend that you inquire about hosting the UBC at least one year in advance of your event.


We consider all performance requests on a case-by-case basis. A full-ensemble performance is the primary method of fulfilling our mission as ambassadors of the bandura and Ukrainian culture. However, on occasion, the UBC performs in a smaller ensemble known as the “Kobzari Ensemble.”

As a performance ensemble with rich history and unique sound, our first consideration is the venue. Established concert venues and churches or cathedrals with natural acoustics are the preferred venues in order to given the concert-goer the ultimate UBC experience.

The UBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on donations, recording sales, and concert fees as its revenue base.

To inquire for a performance opportunity, please write an email to president@bandura,org with the following information:

  • Organization or organizational representative

  • Contact information: phone and email

  • Date of concert, or dates being considered

  • Type of event (organizational anniversary, fundraiser, music festival)

  • Duration of concert

  • Are other ensembles or soloists performing?

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