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За Вас... і Україну / For You and for Ukraine #StandWithUkraine

"The kozaks fight for their land….for freedom and independence!

Every day we shall pray for you. For you…. and for Ukraine"

Today we pray for Ukraine. We ask for peace and safety of her lands and people. We beseech all of you to reach out and support Ukraine in any way that you can.

«За Вас... і Україну» / "For you and for Ukraine" is a tribute to this beautiful country and to those that have given their lives for her. The Kobzarska Sich Bandura Camp and the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America honor the young Ukrainians who are bearing the heaviest toll this very day, as they repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine and seek to secure its continued freedom.

To support Ukraine please access the link below:

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