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The restored audio, “Christmas Night” (Різдвяна ніч) was recorded in 1987 and released to commemorate the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine in 1988. Among the pieces featured on this restored album is one of the best-known global musical ambassadors of Ukraine, the song “Schedryk” commonly known as the “Carol of the Bells.” The year 2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of “Schedryk’s” American debut at Carnegie Hall. This historic recording is the third re-release of restored albums in the UBC Legacy Recording Series. 

1. God With Us • З нами Бог • Traditional
2. Koliady • Коляди • Arr. M. Lysenko
Soloists: P. Pysarenko, G. Oryshkewych, J. Cisaruk, P. Pacholuk
3. Stately Walk of a Peacock • Павочка ходить
Soloist: P. Pysarenko
4. Carol of the Bells • Щедрик • Arr. M. Leontovych
5. Koliada – Koliadnycia • Ой коляда – колядниця • Arr. P. Kozycky
6. Playful Nanny - Goat • Коза • Arr. M. Leontovych
7. Fantasia • Фантазія • Arr. Z. Lawryshyn
8. Koliada Songs • Колядні пісні
Soloists: P. Pysarenko, J. Cisaruk

Legacy - Album 22 | Christmas Night

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